August 2014

12 Types of Gamers »

12 Types of Gamers

Your Technical Interviews Suck »

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I’ve been giving technical interviews long enough to know that when it comes to deciding on candidates to hire, you might as well be asking a dog to fly a spaceship, because we sure as hell have no idea what we’re doing. We seem to have this idea that if you put a candidate into a really uncomfortable situation and then hurl a bunch of programming challenges at them, this exercise is supposed give us valuable insight into whether or not they’re going to succeed at the company, or whatever the hell that means anyway.

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Embedding DLLs into .NET Applications »

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I had recently done some work on a .NET application that I wanted to release as a standalone executable. Specifically, I wanted to release a single EXE that didn’t need an installer and didn’t come with a bunch of other DLLs. Since the application I was developing was using a 3rd party assembly, I couldn’t just copy all the source code into my own assembly and be done with it. I needed to find some way to add the referenced DLL as a resource, and then load it when the application starts.

Turns out, what I wanted to do is completely possible.

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