Mate D. VargaHi. I’m Máté Varga and I’m a maker of stuff.

I currently live in San Jose, California with my wife, Tanya. I’ve been into software and computers since my mid-teens when I first discovered that the TI-83 has a built-in BASIC interpreter. Everything just kind of exploded from there.

Initially, my goal was to study electrical engineering, but once I delved deeper into computing, my focus quickly shifted to computer science. I started taking computer science classes at my local community college at the age of 14, and by the time I was 16-years old, I had sold my first piece of software.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my name, I was born in Budapest, Hungary. Máté (Mah-Tay) is just the English-equivalent of Matthew. And, yes, I do speak Hungarian – quite fluently.

My Profession

I’m a software engineer, and I’d consider myself reasonably experienced. I started my career as an independent contractor developing tools and websites for small local businesses. Near the end of college, I co-founded a startup called IOBURST Software Solutions and worked as the lead engineer developing dental practice management software.

As money in the startup grew tight, I eventually moved into the corporate software world and joined Symantec as a contractor working on products related to their Deepsight Early Warning Services. This is where I picked up a lot of my knowledge about software and internet security.

Once my contract with Symantec had ended, I moved onto working for TiVo as a full-time software engineer. My main area focus was UI engineering and I had spent a lot of my time there working on the TiVo Premier set-top-box. Later on, I worked on TiVo’s streaming mobile device app for Android before moving on from the company.

Today, I work at MobileIron as an android software engineer working on their Anyware mobile device management application.

That’s the story so far.

This Website

My motivation for creating this website is twofold. First, I needed a place where I can publish the things I’ve worked on and to receive feedback from any interested parties – in essence, an online portfolio. Second, I’ve always wanted to write about things I’ve researched, or things I’m interested in. My goal is to not only get better as a writer, but to hopefully help some people out with what I’ve learned.

This is now my second attempt at getting into blogging. When I first started in 2008, I didn’t really have much of a direction and I wasn’t completely satisfied with the website I built. Hopefully, this time around, I’ll stick to it.