Mate D. VargaOh, uh, hello. I’m Máté Varga and I make stuff.

Alright, so I only occasionally make stuff. A lot of my time is occupied by regular non-stuff-making stuff. For example: sleeping. Also, sometimes the garage is too hot. Or too cold. I can’t make stuff if it’s too hot or cold. Sometimes I need to go buy groceries or change diapers. Hard to do stuff then. Believe me, I tried. Stuff gets everywhere when you try to do other stuff while changing a baby’s diaper.

But when I do have time to make stuff, oh boy, you betcha that those things are generally pretty…adequate. Unless that stuff is software. All the software I write always works perfectly and is super amazing unless there is a bug and it ends up opening and closing the garage door for hours without anybody noticing. I’m just gonna to go ahead and chalk that one up to bad MOSFETs.

Oh, right. My name. It’s Hungarian. I was born there. Máté (Mah-Tay) is just the English-equivalent of Matthew. Not to be confused with Yerba Máté. That’s a tea beverage…soup thing.

My Profession

I’m a software engineer at Mighty Networks in Palo Alto, California. For more background info, check out my resume or LinkedIn.

TL;DR: I write software.

This Website

Yeah…I’m just going to go ahead and tell you right now that I only update this every couple of mon-, uh, years. I got stuff to do, and those video games, I mean super awesome important projects aren’t going to complete themselves.

Furthermore, be aware that this website’s warranty has completely run out. In fact, I think this website’s codebase might actually be older than the sun.

If you encounter any problems, try restarting your computer. For further assistance, try pressing Alt + F4.