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  • Over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and team leader.
  • Strong skills in user interfaces, client and server-side software architecture, system architecture and SDK design.
  • Excellent proficiency in troubleshooting, debugging and reverse engineering.
  • Skilled with product requirement analysis, technical design, documentation, code review, unit testing, use-case analysis and defect management.
  • Experienced with developing server applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, embedded and set-top box applications.

Technical Qualifications

Languages C#, Java, C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Python, AS2, AS3, SQL, HTML, XML
Environments Android Studio, Visual Studio, RubyMine, Eclipse, IntelliJ
Platforms OSX, Windows, Linux, Unix, Android
Source Control Git, SVN, Perforce, CVS
Build Tools Solano, CircleCI, Gradle, Maven, Ant, Make, Jenkins
Origination Phabricator, JIRA, Rally, ScrumWorks, BugZilla, MediaWiki
Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, SSL, XMPP, RPC, Telnet, SOAP, USB, Serial, Bluetooth
Databases NoSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Access
Libraries Rails, Android, .NET, Mono, XNA, Flash, Flex, COM, MFC, Win32

Recent Experience

Mighty Networks Full Stack Engineer Since 2015
MobileIron, Inc.  Sr. Android Software Engineer  2013 – 2015
TiVo, Inc.  Sr. Software Engineer  2010 – 2013
Symantec Corporation  Sr. Software Engineer (C)  2009 – 2010
IOBURST Software Solutions Lead Engineer  2006 – 2009


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